There are many options available for those who need to have their car tow. Towing a car is expensive. Be prepared. An auto towing company generally provides three services.

A standard tow involves only the vehicle being pulled. A flatbed service is where the auto towing company will remove all objects from your trunk and move them out of your path to their destination.

A ‘global tow’ is where the tow truck will drive your vehicle back and take it on one side. We will be describing the most important types of car towing services that Towing Newcastle people need to know.

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  • A standard tow

A standard tow is the most cost-effective way to tow your vehicle. The vehicle is pulled, then it is dropped off at the location. This can be an expensive option in some cases but it is usually cheaper than the alternative.

  • Flatbed tow

Flatbed towing involves the removal all objects that may be holding your car up or in its trunk, so that they don’t cause damage while being transported. This is crucial in certain cases, as small objects flying around your vehicle while it is being town can cause damage to the interior if they get lodged in its seats or other parts.

  • Global tow

An auto towing company will pick up the object and transport it to its destination. Then, it will return it back to its original place. Although this is more costly than a standard tow, it’s often required when time constraints dictate that an item must be moved quickly.

To make an informed decision about which tow is best for you, it is important to know the differences between these three types.

Understanding what an auto-tow service does is important. It’s also important to know how it differs from a regular tow. With a standard tow, your car is only pulled and taken to the designated location. Flatbed tow is when you remove objects from your trunk and transport them on both sides.